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Starting early 2013, 10 Flemish bowhunting instructors graduated in the International Bowhunting Education Program (IBEP) and new are being trained. This is an international recognized organisation who's ambition it is to form good and responsible bowhunters. These instructors train responsible bowhunters and only those candidates who succeed in both the theoretical and practical test and therefor demonstrated that they are skillfull bowhunters, obtain the IBEP certificate. The instructors will be happy to give information to everybody who wishes information regarding bowhunting. In the second half of 2013, for the first time a 100% Flemish course was given to new bowhunters. With the great success of this Flemish course, the available places were quickly taken and in the same year, a second Flemish bowhunting course was given. Since then and on a yearly basis, 2 bowhunting courses were given every year and the available places were always completely filled. This shows the large interest in this way of hunting.

More information about the internationally renowned IBEP education can be found at the website of the  National Bowhunting Education Foundation (NBEF): www.nbef.org.


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