Ways of hunting with bow and arrow

Ways of hunting with bow and arrow

Hunting with the bow and arrow can be done in more or less the same ways as hunting with a firearm. Although some hunting methods are less suitable to do with the bow.

Still hunting (Spot and stalk).

This is a very suitable way to hunt with the bow. While sneaking, using natural obstacles, you try to approach game at close range. This concept is used on large game such as roe, boar, deer, mouflon etc....

In front of the foot (A la botte).

You usually hunt in an open field with several hunters or a hunting dog and chase the game in front of you. You shoot running or flying small game.

Stand hunting.

The hunter sits at a fixed strategic location, usually on a raised platform (hunting stands) and waits for the game. Bowhunters usually use a climbing treestand for this.

Driven hunt (Battue).

Here the hunters are lined up at the edge of a hunting area. Beaters and dogs chase the game towards the line of the hunters. The hunters will only shoot the game when it has crossed the line of the hunters, to ensure the safety of the beaters. This type of hunting is less suitable for bow hunting because the game moves very quickly.

Silent driven hunt (Drücken.)

Under this form, hunters are positioned at strategic points in the hunting area, usually on elevated platforms or hunting stands. Trackers, sometimes accompanied by leashed dogs, will try to move the game in a natural way without frightening it or making it flee. This method lends itself best to being done with the bow. This type of hunting can also be done as silent driven hunting where the trackers without dogs make no sound during the track.


With the help of ferrets, rabbits are chased from their pipe and the bow hunter tries to shoot them. Usually done with traditional bows without sights.