Opportunities to hunt with bow and arrow.

The FBA does its best to offer bow hunting opportunities to its members. Every year we send several hunting days or offers from hunting trip organisers to our members. Thanks to the years of experience and knowledge of our instructors, we can also offer our members help in organising national or international hunting trips. By providing information and personal assistance, we do our best to ensure that each adventure is well prepared.


To date, hunting with bow and arrow is not forbidden in Wallonia, nor is it regulated or prohibited by law. This means that a hunter can choose to hunt with the bow as long as he is legally in order with valid hunting permit and validation, insurance and opening hours. As a Fleming or Dutchman, you will also have to apply for a Walloon validation. You have the choice between 3 consecutive days ( maximum 3 times to validate ) or 1 season. This can be done in person at one of the provincial offices or online.  More info via this link;
We personally help our members with the application, if necessary.


For most Flemish and Dutch members, France is the closest country where the bow is legally allowed. As in every country, you will need a valid hunting permit to be allowed to hunt. This can be done by registering at a departmental hunting organization with the necessary data and your national hunting permit or hunting license. You will then receive an identification code with which you can apply for a validation online. Online you have the choice between a validation of 3 consecutive days or for 1 season (runs from July 1st to June 31st). Attention, when you validate for more than 3 days a JFO certificate is required. You can find more information about this day course under training. As a guest hunter, you also have the choice between a departmental hunting permit or a national hunting permit (valid in all French departments).
As a member you can also ask for assistance here, if necessary.

Countries within the European Union

All information about the countries where bowhunting is allowed can be found on the website of the European Bowhunting Federation.
 As a member you can also rely on the knowledge of our instructors, many of whom have international hunting experience.

Countries outside the European Union

The largest and best known parts of the world where bow hunting takes place are North America and Africa. The United States, Canada, Argentina but also Australia and New Zealand are all countries with a wide variety of game species that can be hunted with a bow. On the African continent it is mainly South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia that are known for their hunting possibilities. If you have plans or are looking for information, feel free to contact us and we will try to share experiences and knowledge.