Flemish bowhunting association


The Flemish Bowhunting Association ( FBA ) is a team of driven and well-trained experienced experts who form the knowledge center and are a point of contact for all persons or agencies seeking adequate information regarding game management with the modern bow.


Through a strongly expanded training platform and a team of certified and experienced instructors, the FBA aims to form well-trained and responsible hunters. These hunters will hopefully, in the near future, within a legal framework, be able to hunt with the bow in Flanders.


The FBA and its members have an absolute respect for the law, fellow humans, wildlife and nature and carry this out as respectful hunters.

ibep 2022

Countrylife and Gamefair 2022

After the obligatory Corona break, we were finally able to participate in events again this year. Our first test was Country Life during the Easter weekend in Boom. It was an immediate hit, which showed that the well-oiled machine, being the FBA all-star team, had lost none of its momentum. An estimated 300 to 400 people, spread over 4 days, were given the chance to shoot some arrows with a hunting bow.

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From archer to bow hunter

This article is intended for anyone interested in bow hunting. I try to explain here in concrete terms how you can get started with this fantastic experience and way of life. I do this based on my own trajectory: from archer to bow hunter. Both the training process with the necessary administration as the material and the preparation are discussed. Finally, a brief report on my first bow hunt.
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Jacht en buitenleven

On 24, 25 and 26 September 2021, it was finally possible again: for three days, under a radiant sun, you could enjoy everything related to hunting and the outdoors. The Flemish bowhunting association could not be absent. Although bowhunting is not yet permitted in the Netherlands, interest in this exceptional method of game management is growing. This was also noticeable by the growing number of interested people and the many initiations we were able to give there.
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JFO 2021

As the Flemish Bowhunting Association, we also work together with other federations on an international level. An example is the JFO (Journée de formation obligatiore), an obligatory training day if you want to hunt legally with bow and arrow in France.

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Besides the great density of game and the beautiful region, it is definitely the good organization and service that drives us back to Acornland every time. Ivan and his team are experienced people who know what you are looking for and need as an archery hunter.

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