What activities or events are held by the FBA each year?

International Bowhunter Education Program ( IBEP ).

This is our most important multi-day training course, more info can be found under Training.

Journée de Formation Obligatoire ( JFO ).

This is the mandatory trainingday that gives you the JFO certificate to hunt legally with bow and arrow in France. And this is obligatory if you apply for a validation of a French hunting permit longer than 3 days (1 year). You can find the information under Training.

Bow tuning day.

This is a workshop that we try to hold every year for our members. At this event, we provide a check-up of everyone's bow and teach you the basics or how to adjust a bow yourself. Among other things, we do a paper test, speed and kinetic energy of your arrow are measured. We learn how to make a D-loop and how to make small repairs.


3D course and competition.

Every year we try to organise a 3D for our members or you get an invitation for 3D competitions or courses that we can experience together. This is the perfect training for hunting and teaches you, among other things, how to estimate distance better and how to deliver a good shot in different positions.


Our association also tries to be present at all hunting related events such as hunting fairs, national and regional hunting association days. We are present at every edition of Hunting Gent, Jacht en Buitenleven Liempde (NL), Antwerpse jagersdag Wijnegem, Agricultura Alden Biesen,...

For the hunting public we can provide events such as demonstrations and initiations. For further information, please contact us by email.